What is love?

The most purest answer to that question would come from a child.  As adults, we taint others definition of love.  Hurt,  experiences,  and time show us the ins and outs of love. Hear love. See love. Feel love. I’m not talking about the physical aspects but the emotional impact. The greatest feeling on Earth is to know you are loved, unconditionally. Be a giver of love, and it will reciprocate and multiply your efforts. Smile to brighten someone else’s day. Practice good manners in the face of defeat. Love self enough to recognize when others chose not to see your net worth. Women are priceless and should be treated with dignity and respect. Love the women in your life without limitation. Leave no room for question if the love is there, real, or forever. She is love…and we all know love can sometimes be difficult to understand and misinterpreted. She is still love. Love her still.

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