Let’s Decide on Good

We DECIDE to have a good day or a bad day.  Every morning, we have a choice. I am a firm believer we decide the path of our day.  Prime example, I had a bad night.  I woke up the next  morning and was sure I would have a “bad day.”  I had already warned myself that nothing would go right.  I almost convinced myself to stay home from work, because I was for sure going to have a bad day.  I just felt it deep in my soul. However, I got dressed and mozzied on through the house.  Rewind…. the night before I kept my nephew.  In addition to my already “bad day,”  this meant getting him ready for daycare. I went in the room to wake him.  I gently tugged him and said “wake up, wake up.”  His eyes popped open, and his face displayed  a smile brighter than the sunrise.  If you’ve ever seen the sun rise you know that’s extremely bright. His smile was blinding my vision of a “bad day.”  He blurted out “Good morning MeMe” (his name he created for me). Immediately, I forgot about my preplanned bad day.  That’s exactly what it was. I had preplanned a bad day.  It is then that I realized it wasn’t the night before. It wasn’t my nephew. IT WAS MY ATTITUDE that was deciding the fate of my day.  I DECIDED “today will be a good day.”  Even if you wake on the wrong “side of the bed.” (it does happen) make sure your attitude is on the right side of the day!! LET’S DECIDE ON GOOD!!!

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