With age comes change, hopefully for the better.  When we think of age, we think in years…the age of our car, house, relationships, etc.  We invest in all of them in hopes to achieve more as the years continue.  With a new car, we learn about it over time.  The more time we spend in it, the more familiar we become with it.  We could just read the manual, but that would be no fun at all.  Even with a new house, we have to learn it.  The longer we liv there, the more it becomes a natural environment.  We may still misplace things, but we KNOW our home.  Why is it we invest time and effort to get better and more familiar with everything EXCEPT our relationships.  We don’t give enough time for marriage to feel like home.  If one thing is out of place its time to move on.   We don’t buy another house because the roof needs to be replaced.  We fix the problem and move forward.  Even with our automobile, we don’t get a new car because the breaks wear out.  We fix the problem.  Sometimes, we’ll spend a lot of money to repair the issue.  It makes more sense to repair than to replace. Relationships should be of more value than any material things we possess.  Yet, we are in a hurry to file for a divorce or cut off meaningful relationships at the sign of issues that can be repaired. All it takes is communication, respect, and honesty. However, there are times when repairing is NOT an option. Some things are detrimental to our emotional health. Let’s  work towards repairing relationships within our homes, communities, and families.  Let’s get away from being a divided race for simple misunderstandings.  We are the backbone of our homes, communities, and race. “OUR strength lies in UNITY.” Let’s repair what makes us weak and AGE gracefully as beautiful black women!!

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