Stand Up for Yourself

Recently, I got stopped for “speeding.” I arrived at court a few minutes early. I had a ticket for two points and almost $100. The officer basically told me I could take it or leave it. I didn’t back down and told him I still wanted to speak with the judge. He informed me that if I spoke to the judge, he would ask for my points to be increased on my violation. Just by wanting someone else to hear me out??? Wow. Ok. I still took my chances. He proceeded to the next citizen. His entire attitude changed. He was not defensive. He was so pleasant and understanding. Just as I had done 2 minutes ago, she pleaded her case with officer Joe. To my surprise, he told her he would ask the judge to help her out. It was hard to believe I had just spoken to him with a completely different outcome. I respectfully said Officer Joe, “Our situations are identical as a set of twins. How does she get such pleasant treatment instead of the same punishment as me.” He replied, “I’ll help you out this time.” No. What you mean is I called you out on your blatant racism, and it’s too late for you to take your word back from Snow White. I refuse to get walked over with the same boots you help someone else out of the mud with. Thanks Snow White for saving the day! Ladies DON’T be afraid to stand up for yourself. Sometimes, it seems as if the answer won’t change. That still doesn’t mean we need to back down on what we truly believe is right. There is always a ram in the bush. Sometimes, we just have to peel away the branches. STAY STRONG my queens!!

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