Don’t let anyone belittle you because of your mistakes. Life is a daily lesson.  Some learn from their mistakes. Others learn through them.

Some don’t learn at all, and become trapped in a cycle of mistake after mistake….. creating bad habits. Regardless, mistakes will happen.

As a strong woman, it is imperative to EMBRACE your faults. Work diligently to use your faults as opportunities for growth. There is NO BENEFIT in hiding your weaknesses under the rug. Here’s why… It will take additional time and effort to clean under the rug. Fix the initial problem, and walk into a new level of accountability.

There is nothing wrong with making a mistake. Every breathing soul has made a mistake or two. It’s easy for others to pass judgment during their “mistake free” phase.  Let’s remember it is easy to judge, but that same energy can be used for the greater cause of helping. Our most vulnerable time is after we’ve used bad judgment.. sometimes intentional…sometimes unintentional.  Even in your vulnerability of being shamed with the results of your mistakes, DEMAND RESPECT. Strong women fall, but they don’t stay down. They rise above their mistakes. You are loved.. and that’s NO MISTAKE.

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