End it

Our hearts ache for our future

Future generations
Future court cases
Future hashtags that were once our babies faces
We’re living in an unforgiving era of bold face racists
I never played the race card
I just played the cards by their faces
But when racism is so blatant
There’s no other way to say this
This shit is fuckin crazy
Been praying in a black church for a white Jesus to save me
I never question God
But that right there always amazed me
A lot will try and convince you they don’t see color
they’re spreading a lie
We judge everything by color
From the content of other people’s character
To the color of our car
Even at the bar
Red can for the wiser
Blue if you’re feeling lite
How would you go green if you don’t see color
Maybe  we need to make a conscious effort to see color
Since being color blind is pushing us farther
 With our past trying to become or future
I’ll respect the lack of color in your face
But can you respect the level of melanin  in mine
If not our future will be even father behind than ahead
Please respect my sons
Even if you misunderstood every word I just said

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