Most friends WON’T support our ideas until they become profitable.  Yes, until we start bringing in income for our hard work they’ll probably think we are insane. They will probably think our ideas make no sense and will ultimately fail.  It takes a true friend to support you..even when they don’t see or understand your vision.  When you have a vision, prepare yourself to walk alone, feel overwhelmed, and down right helpless at times… BUT you must never give up.  It is perfectly fine to have emotions that test our determination and dedication.  Remain true to your goals and desires.  Some may encourage you.  Others may support you.  They all may love you, but NO ONE WILL FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAMS HARDER THAN YOU!! Fight so hard to succeed that you laugh at the blows and body punches life throws your way.  Each and every woman of color possess an incomparable ability to succeed. Our talents are indisputable, our spirits are fierce, and our love is tokens of treasure waiting to be discovered and appraised. TRAIN HARD AS A BLACK WOMAN to easily win in a world that expects your failure.  YOU CAN DO IT. I HAVE FAITH IN YOU..

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