The Loss of Anticipation 

It was that time of year once again. Teenage girls were ready to get that chance to show off those new dresses and matching nails. Their hair and make up were flawless as well. It was the one night in high school that everything should be perfect. Hair. Nails. Dress. Shoes. Dinner. Nice ride.. Everything lined up and drawn out. The perfect plan for the perfect prom. What’s the perfect prom without the perfect date?? Right? The anticipation for prom use to be unbearable. Girls would wonder how he’d ask, when he’d ask, and even who would ask them to be that special lady. Fast forward to “promposal.”😏 What happened to the anticipation? What happened to the excitement? The wait has become the lack of waiting. Have our ladies resorted to taking over “the wait” to get the most likes? Have our girls become so impatient with getting chosen that they’d rather choose? Maybe, our guys have forgotten how to be gentleman. I have often heard girls are more creative anyway. Maybe that’s it. BUT…are we giving out young men a pass to be lazy? Are we making it easier for our young men to get what they want without working for it? Why are we transferring emotions for out young ladies to endure rejection?? He use to wait for an for a yes. Have the rules of the game been reversed?? Next thing you know she’ll be opening his door and paying for his dinner on the first date. 

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