Taco Salad

I stopped by the grocery store, supermarket, bodega, or whatever you refer to it as.  I had a taste for tacos, and only went to get items for that.  I got shells, meat, and veggies.  I was so excited, because I had not eaten tacos in over three months.  I get home, cook the meat, and slice the veggies. Can you say READY?!!?  I fixed two beautiful tacos.  Mmm mmm good.  I bit into the beautiful masterpiece only to chow down on stale taco shells.  Even warming them up in the stove didn’t give them the slightest bit of crispiness.  I’M HUNGRY, tired, and now disappointed.  The grocery store is closed, and all I have is a stale box of taco shells.  Rewind. I bought a bag of Nacho Doritos for a late night snack.  I spread those Doritos in a plate and made a taco salad.  Lesson learned.   We can cry over all of the stale taco shells that come our way, or we can make a taco salad. Only one decision will fulfill our immediate needs and increase our happiness. Do you want to have a pity party and think of all the things that have gone wrong…or do you want to find ways to turn negative situations into positive outcomes.  The choice is really up to us.  Life is too short to cry over stale taco shells. Enjoy your “taco salad.”

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