We Need More Love

I am so thankful of my upbringing. I hated going to hospitals visiting people I didn’t know.. going to the county jail praying for people, visiting young men at the prison.. riding “all across the country” helping people that didn’t have any relevance in my life.. taking people food..etc What my parents taught me is a lesson I’ll forever be grateful for. I know the importance of helping others, being humble, and LOVING my fellow brothers and sisters. Maybe, we (as a society) have gotten away from what really matters most.. each other. I don’t care how successful you are… You would lose it all without other people. Think about your favorite restaurant, store, musician, automotive dealership, etc. If the owner didn’t have employees, patrons, and anyone else other than themselves how successful would it be? We need each other. It’s past time we get back to being true neighbors to one another without needing to “go viral” or get recognition. Let’s LOVE.

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