Not Everyone Can Handle the New You🤷🏽‍♀️

We all change. In most cases, we grow or mature and become a better individual. We learn FROM our mistakes and THROUGH our trials. Not everyone can adjust to those changes. It’s not our fault for being and wanting better for ourselves. It may not be their fault for their inability to adjust to our blooming transition. The ones who aren’t able to adjust to or recognize our growth are the ones that we have to evaluate. It is imperative to evaluate their position in helping us grow, hindering us from growing, or holding us hostage to our current position to ensure we remain stagnant. TO GROW IS TO GAIN. We gain knowledge, peace, experience, patience, understanding, emotional strength, purpose, and much much more. Sometimes, we have to subtract in order to make room for our “growth” blessings. Don’t make it personal. Pluck the weeds out of your life, and move on.

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